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Planned Parenthood

TLDR: Conducted UX research to inform pitch for Planned Parenthood Federation of America directors and executives regarding revamping the "Considering Adoption" section of their website.

Background & Goals

Summary: Planned Parenthood is the most trusted name in reproductive healthcare and sexual education in America, yet their "Considering Adoption" section was not yet aligned with anti-coercive, comprehensive, and reliable information for pregnant people navigating the American private adoption industry where mis/disinformation and coercion are common. In community with seven other system-impacted people, we approached PPFA to pitch a revamp of their adoption information and resources, thereby setting a new national standard. 

Generative Research Goals: To understand more about user perceptions, feelings, experiences, and challenges with the existing "Considering Adoption" section.  

Design Research Goals: To create initial recommendations for the site and an engaging pitch deck supporting our case

Method: User testing, competitive analysis, guerrilla research 

Key Learnings: 

1. Most users thought the information on the existing site was ok and better than the information given by adoption agencies, however it didn't go far enough to be very useful.

2. 75% of users said the lack of "real" information about the serious emotional impact of relinquishing a child for adoption was concerning and needed to be addressed.

3. 100% of users said they trusted Planned Parenthood as a reliable source of reproductive information.

4. 100% of users suggested one of the most important thing missing is legal information about the rights of pregnant people throughout the adoption process and in the future. 

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How might advertisements like this impact pregnant people experiencing income insecurity a
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