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Reproductive Justice in Adoption
UX Research, Content Development, Project Management

What information, support, and resources do pregnant people need while considering adoption and/or navigating the private adoption industrial complex were mis/disinformation and coercion are rampant? How might a digital platform meet these needs in ways that are accessible to people who are often in crisis?

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How might a launch site reach a set of diverse set of professional, clinical, and activist users to raise awareness and motivate them to support, get involved with, and/or amplify the Safe Hotlines campaign? 

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Hats & Ladders
Curriculum Specialist

Design and write accessible, career-exploration curriculum for game-based app, including life and career skills training and real-world career experiences.

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Planned Parenthood 
UX Research, Content Development, Project Management

How might PPFA's "Considering Adoption" website section serve as a comprehensive resource for pregnant people that actively disrupts mis/disinformation and coercion in the existing, largely anti-abortion, adoption landscape? What kinds of resources might PPFA provide that are not industry-affiliated? 

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The Ratio
UX/UI Research, UX Writing, Content Development

How can a beta site best serve the dual purpose of attracting "quiz takers" for data science purposes and potential investors for the company?

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Research and write data-driven adult literacy curriculum that explores careers in ten NY labor sectors while supporting the development of language, literacy and numeracy skills.

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